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Travel Privilege

Traveling has been a core element to my life since I was a child. Whether it was packing up and trekking across the US in my family's minivan or grabbing my bike and heading down to the corner store, travel was core element to my very being.

Traveling not only broadens one's horizons, it definitely helps you check your privileges in life. On a trip to Saudi Arabia, for religious reasons, I was astounded at the amount of things I had consistently taken for granted as a child born in the US. My navy blue passport had granted me the ability to visit virtually every country in the world without even wanting to. Meanwhile, there were individuals in Saudi Arabia who were struggling to stay in the country due to ethno-racism that came with their own passports.

Clean air, clean food, and clean water are things that we considered basic human rights, however there are places on this very same planet where these three things are considered privileges.

If you feel you have no privileges in life, travel.

You'll be surprised at just how many privileges you have in life.

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